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July 12th, 2011 a.m.

"Really awesome!! Had fun!"


"Loved it.  Wish it would not have rained!"

"Awesome!!! Joe, you're fabulous!!"

"Had a great time. Thank you!  Excellent tour!"


"It was fun!! I loved getting rained on!  I had a blast."

"Great.  I want one."

"I thought it was so much fun!  A lil scary at first but with a lil practice you're a pro. J"

"It was so fun.  We got rained on!!!"

"It was great!!  I loved the Segways.  It was a lot of fun!"

"I think I want one for around the house!! Awesome!!"


"It was so much fun!"

"I liked it but i almost died!"

"Very informational.  Very enjoyable.  Thanks so much!"


"Great!!  It was really fun!"

"It was really fun."



"It was fun, great, awesome and I will love to take another tour of it."


"Loved it."



"It was lots of fun!  I really enjoyed it. J"

"I thought it was great!"


"It was Super Awesome, lots of fun. Would like to get a job giving tours on these things... maybe!  Hahaha"

"It was great... I had fun and now I can't wait to ride it again.  The tour was great.


"It was amazingly fun!  The employees that helped out made it more fun!  I'm gad it was fun. So thanks for everything."

"I thought the tour guide was nice and helpful and understanding who was having trouble.  Nice tour.  Wish it was longer but we couldn't."


"Thank you for your patience!  We loved it & would like to do it again!"

"Everything was explained amazingly.  The tour guildes were all very friendly & nice."


"I had a lot of fun.  I also got drenched.  Awesome!!!"

"Very fun & exciting!  And wet!!"